ABPI Disclosure Transfer Of Value Reporting

Are you a Pharmaceutical Company who:

a) Has not got the capacity to review and implement a process?

b) Have a process but the manpower involved in pulling the data together, internally auditing and formatting it ready for upload is too extensive?

c) Struggling to decide which department it sits in and whose responsibility it is?

d) Every department inputting their Disclosure Transfer Of Value documents into one person and they have to try and pull it all together?

e) All of the above?

The above all risk ‘something slipping through the net’ and your company misreporting, or not reporting at all, which can lead to an unwelcome knock on the door from the PMCPA!

If March comes around all too quickly and you have to pull on extra resources to ensure you hit the deadline, we have a solution for you!


Are you a supplier for a Pharmaceutical Company and you are being asked for ABPI Disclosure Transfer of Value reporting;

a) Don’t know the information which needs to be captured and submitted?

b) Have no idea how to go about data capturing the information?

c) Have no process in place to ensure the information you need to submit to your client is correct and timely?

All of the above could damage the reputation of your client (and cost them dearly) not to mention your own!

Let Elementary Events take the stress and conflict out of ABPI Disclosure Transfer Of Value reporting away. We have a number of packages suitable for all requirements from a one-off set-up of the process, managing the full process from start to finish alongside you.

Why not get in touch with us and we can discuss some options…

What Our Clients Think

..initially came into the organisation to cover and lead the Events and Congresses area of the business and did a great job organising and delivering several very large events for us, whilst we were looking to recruit the permanent role. I then brought them back to the organisation to help on ToV where the processes required a significant overhaul. They did a brilliant job both in helping to project manage the re-design and structure the process, added significant insight from her prior experiences across other Pharma companies, and then led the consolidation of data and submission. I would highly recommend them as experienced, self-starting and committed agency, with very strong Pharma, ToV and compliance knowledge and experience. I am sure we will be bringing them back soon to support on other topics! 

Adam Pateman, International Finance Director 


I have worked with Elementary Events for several years as contractor working on many international pharmaceutical exhibition / symposium projects. Working with them was always a pleasure due to the excellent project management and attention to detail in the briefing, design process and delivery of the projects.   It’s great to work with people that have a great work ethic and skill level that make collaboration fun and rewarding as well as having the decision making and logistical understanding to keep the projects on track, budget and overcome the inevitable challenges 

Director, Sun Creative Group


Have now worked with Gail for over 4 months to support uploading, anchoring and managing materials in Veeva. In that time, she has consistently shown herself to be professional, meets deadlines, works independently, always asks if something is not clear and is very pleasant to work with. She is excellent working on Veeva, and always uses her initiative when a new situation arises. She is prepared to work unsociable hours if the client’s work demands it – always with a smile. I would highly recommend working with Gail. 

Melanie Martin, A-Z Medical Writing Ltd


Elementary Events, managed a variety of virtual events for our healthcare professional members across the year. I was very pleased with their work; they quickly got up to speed with our organisation, worked independently without needing much input from me and sensitively handled our stakeholders. I also enjoyed working with them – they got stuff done and had a great sense of humour – the perfect blend for an events pro! 

Abby, Director of Membership & Marketing, at Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of the Obstetricians and Gynaecologists